Vista – Presentation Redesign – Competition Submission

Presentation Redesign – Competition Submission

Pregnancy Shoot


SIA Skin Competition

ESWQ Branding

ESWQ Photography Brand – View Website

Helloembryo Website

Website Assignment-View Site

365 Automotive Website Design

Art Direction and Web Development –


SG Bungalow


Marketing Model Photo

Masterplan P1

HB Design Website Landing Page Video

Absolute Cycle Singapore Teaser – Concept

Editing, Copy-writing & Art Direction View Video

USA Road Trip 2018

Road trip across US – Feb 2018 – June 2018 Route 66 – 1 Highway – Las Vegas Nationpark: Yosemite Valley, Death Valley, Grand Canyon National Park, El Morro, Joshua Tree, Redwood

2nd Family

2nd Family

414 Commonwealth

414 Commonwealth Interior

Champaca PDF

Champaca Company Introduction PDF – Design & Photography   View PDF

ESWQ Photography

ESWQ Photography Site-View Site

Track 365

Website Assignment-View Site

Engagement Ring

Engagement Ring

Stefanie Wong

Website Assignment-View Site

Masterplan Coloring(Gif)

photoshop coloring assignment

SKK Marketing Model

Marketing Model

Revolution Event Management

Website Assignment-View Site

Flower Co. UI

Concept for a Flower Co

Trans Auto Website Development

Photography & Website Assignment-View Site

India Road Trip 2016

Summer in India, View Google Presentation

S Yong Recycling

Photography & Website Assignment-View Site

Interior @ Sian Tuan Ave

Interior shoot @ Sian Tuan Ave

Interior & Family Protrait

Photographing C. family and her house.

HB Design Website

Website Assignment-View Site

HB Design – Selected Architectural Works

HB Design Monograph, 10×12″ book

Diamond Website Assignment

Website Assignment-ViewStagingSite

Personal CV

experimenting & exploring. trying a new art direction for my resume and in web. the web version –

Architecture Model

Architecture marketing model assignment

World of Fabrics

Product assignment.

Chee Hoon House

Architecture Photography Assignment from HB Design.

Project Report

Kingdom Project Report. A4 Book Report

HB Design Internal Site

A place for only HB Designer to get updated with information of project and personnel. Website also require login to keep projects information confidential.

Salamander Spa

Website Development for Salamander Spa View Site

The River

The River Condo – Bangkok, Thailand

Architect Model 2

One of HB Design Project


Fossil Townsman, Ingersoll


Architecture Models

Villas Model

Presentation Drive

Presentation drive is a portfolio showcase given to client. (Developed in Flash) View Presentation

Chic in the City // Jewelfest 2012

Chic in the City // Jewelfest 2012 Art Direction & Photography// Elson Sng Makeup & Hair // Zann Model //  Laurita J/Upfront model  

E-Commerce Ideal Watch Website

Concept development for a online fashion e-commerce site. Art Direction & Photography

HB Design Brochure

HB Design Brochure is the general brochure used for mainly for marketing and portfolio showcase of a wide range of key projects that HB Design had done throughout the years.

Architect Model Photoshoot

Architecture Model Photography

Re-branding a Tea Merchant

WIP-Re-branding a Tea Merchant. Link to Website Brief – Simplicity is the Joy of Life. Clean & Pure.

Flower Eccentric Gal // Jewelfest 2012

Flower Eccentric Gal  // Jewelfest 2012 Art Direction & Photography // Elson Sng Fashion Designer // Indra Murak Makeup & Hair // Erica Gabriella Model //  Janice Yip/Upfront model  

Missing Edge

Portfolio Website Development View Site

The Shape and Shell

“The Shape and Shell” is a competition entry for ION’s Harper Bazaar Photography Competition 2012. The shape of ION’s architecture remind me of the shape of unique seashell, with that concept in mind, me and ...

FF Pre Wedding Photoshoot

Art Direction // Elson Sng Photography / /Elson & Yuan Shuai Stylist //Indra Murak Assistant //  Yuan Shuai & Ain Zain MUA // Nina Cabrera Lopez


WhiteWalker is inspired by a novel that i read. Created with a mix of Surrealism and Fashion. Art Direction & Photography//Elson Sng Stylist // Violet Foo Fashion Designer // Lareita Seet, Vanessa Koh & Avenue ...

Travel & Self Portrait

Travel Photography

Bui Bui

My Superb Irritatingly Cute Nephew aka Bui Bui.

HB Design Email Flyer

1. Template Design 2014 2. Tata Gateway Launch 3. 185 Rajadamri  4. Loft Ekkamai Launch  5. Embrace BIM

JaP ArgitecHZz

Complex Minimalist Art Direction & Photography // Elson Sng Fashion Designer // Goh Bee Chen Model // Alex

Jun Xi

Art Direction // Elson Sng Model // Jun Xi ( New Born )


‘interpret is about embracing the nuances of individuality’ New Clothing brand created by a group of talented students of Fashion Merchandising & Marketing. Art Direction & Photography// Elson Sng Videography// Yuan Shaui Stylist // Indra Murak ...

HB Design Logo Development

HB Design a young architecture firm found by Hans Brouwer, specializing in Architecture, Urban Planning and Interior Design. HB Design’s experience is matched by it’s enthusiasm to bring the highest levels of design and construction ...


Aivonda Tri-phytoestrogem for Body Contour advertisement on chinese newspaper “Wan Bao” 2010. In charge of Art Direction / Graphic Design / Photography  


Office of HB Design.Biz

T/S Tatyana Tarova

T/S Model // Tatyana Tarova / Upfront Model Art Direction & Photography// Elson Sng Stylist // Indra Murak Makeup // Zann Toh

Persian Persian

Art Direction //Elson Sng Photography // Elson & Yuan Shuai Stylist // Indra Murak Fashion Designer //Ashlee Goh Model //Kyla


Logo’s Aski Global – Logo Revamp Sensation – Corporate Team logo DSP –  DSP Design Associates Pvt. Ltd Logo Revamp HB Design – Logo Revamp Calico – Online Fashion Brand Birdnestify – Bird Nest Logo Haccp – ...

Architecture Boards

Company //  HB DESIGN A1 Boards design 1. TATA Gateway 2. President Place 3. Northpoint 4. Chee Hoon Ave

The Monsoon

Art Direction & Photography// Elson Sng Fashion Designer // Indra Murak Makeup & Hair // Zana Model // Lisa

Addiction Packaging

Addiction Packaging design pitch 2010

Daily Product Idea

Some ideas for daily product.


my journey with capturing lights.


Calico Editorial Shoot. Art Direction & Photography // Elson Sng Make up & Hair // Zhou Aiyi


My Betta Fish and Kuna(Cat)

Campaign:Reverse the Number

Shark population has declined significantly due to a Chinese tradition delicacy “shark fin soup”. But Shark conservation project has not really affected Singaporean; Singapore does not have the direct impact because there is no sharks ...

BC Marketing Collateral

Body Contour Beauty Runway Event Marketing collateral 2012 involvement in Art direction, Graphic Design Invitation / Poster/ Paper bags / Door Sign /Lucky Draw Card /Sales Brochure  

Toshiba Digital Art

Toshiba Canvio 3.0 HDD Digital Art Competition 2012. Winner


Art Direction & Photography//Elson Sng Stylist // Delia Goh Model // Ain

Void Deck

First Photography Assignment – Void Deck of Singapore common housing. Mentor – Bob Lee

Goldbell Direct Mailer

Design & Art Direction//Elson Sng



Portrait of Electok^t

SYOG 2010

Singapore Youth Olympic Games 2010 Involve in coming up with the design and deco for the floating platform and Audience Interactive Kit. Working closely with the Opening & Closing Ceremony team to come up with items ...

Illustration & Wall Painting

1. Godfather 2. Koi Fish Wall Painting 3. Ballendine Character design – School Project