Headed the creative direction for HB Design Selected Architectural Works, By Author Paul McGillick.

For the HB Design 20 years anniversary, I proposed a 10×20″ coffee table book for brand’s static “monologue”, a new, proactive approach, focusing on company journey.

Designing the HB Design evolution into a beautiful, powerful, inspiring and lift spirits book. which are not just mere compilations but carry with it the spirit of the art of those project who get featured but synergising it with an architect mindset/vision into an visual experience.

This coffee table book provided the blueprint for brand communications and direction for the HB Design visual and marketing output.


  • Graphic Design
  • Art Direction
  • Photography
  • Photo Editing


“Incredibly detailed look into the spell-binding architecture that separates Asia from the rest of the world.  From conception to finished product, this is an invaluable look into the creativity that goes into smart, functional and cutting-edge design.  This book is great addition to the coffee table, an instant conversation spark! Well done to the authors!”